The Daily Express launched controversial comedian Dapper Laughs, exclusive trailer for the DVD of his live stand up show DAPPER LAUGHS: THE RES-ERECTION, out on DVD via Platform Entertainment on 16th November

The comedian first found fame with his popular vine posts, soon becoming an internet sensation accumulating over 192 million vine views and over 2 million followers across his social media. However following some misinterpreted comments at one of his stand-up gigs, the media turned against him and the creator of the Dapper Laughs character, Daniel O’Reilly was forced to drop his comedy persona.

Despite the media backlash and being out of the public eye, his fan base continued to grow and at the fans’ demand, O’Reilly announced Dapper Laughs return in 2015.

Dapper Laughs The Res-Erection Live is the comeback show/tour and has sold out in every venue he performs. The DVD is available to pre-order now on Amazon and iTunes.

The trailer and feature can be viewed here: